Accepting Opposition

Semper Fi Consulting claims that Israelis take a healthy, matter-of-fact attitude toward being the target of hatred. Whatever you think about the Middle-East that attitude can surely be applied to conflicts at the office or plant, as well.

SF says that hatred isn't something Israelis ponder over; they don’t rack their brains trying to get to the reasons for the hostility ("Why do they hate us?").

Instead, they go about their daily lives fully aware that millions of their neighbours would like to kill them. What struck SF about the Israelis he met was an almost cheerful acceptance of hatred, and the deep confidence they have in their own (national) values.

SF says that the acceptance of being the target of hatred requires a profound psychological adjustment.

Knowing that somebody out there hates you, and knowing that there is nothing you can do, or should do, to dissuade the hater, creates a certain "adult state of mind". Some pleasant qualities, for instance, such as giving the benefit of the doubt towards a stranger, have to be replaced by a frank candor.

No one likes being hated, but you can adjust to the phenomenon, by recognizing more fully your personal value --rather than trying to change yourself fundamentally in an effort to appease the opposition.

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