It's Always the Headhunters Fault

Jilted British Land blames headhunter

British executive search firm Whitehead Mann are getting blamed because a candidate in a high profile search has accepted another position.

I don't know that it is entirely their fault since I am not privy to all the details but this type of occurrence isn't rare.

Many searches have gone aground because the candidate has taken another job much to the chagrin of the client firm and the headhunter. But it is often not the headhunter's fault.

Remember we want to make a placement happen and aren't in the business of incomplete searches.

One of the most frustrating thing that we as headhunters run into is company bureaucracy where we have a strong candidate who is being courted by numerous firms but the client company cant move fast enough in order to secure the candidate.

As a headhunter I think it is my responsibility to be aware of any other offers or situations that my candidate is considering and to make sure that my client is aware that the candidate has other possibilities.

I believe that this is important because too many clients act as if they are the only game in town and knowledge that they aren't often motivates them to move a little faster.

Plus I believe that they should be aware that the candidate has other options so that if he/she accepts another offer they aren't surprised.

Perhaps that was Whitehead Mann's mistake here?

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