True or False?

I came across this article recently while surfing. It is a pretty good article about how to get noticed by headhunters although it doesn't include any of the advice that I gave in an earlier posting on this site.

One piece of advice in particular that I liked was this one:

Corcodilos suggests you contact the appropriate manager at the companies you want to work for and find out which headhunters they use.

“This kind of request is so rare that it can be a very effective ice-breaker. Not everyone will provide a recommendation. But some will.”

The manager might even be impressed enough with your call to invite you in for an interview.

“After all, he knows you're looking, and he knows you're smart enough to seek the best. He might also avoid a headhunter's fee.”

If not, youÂ’ve still go the name of the headhunter the company you want to work for uses.

This is very clever and I think it is worth a try. For one it is proactive and also has two possible positive outcomes. Add this one to your list of ways to get noticed, I won't mind.

Now I have a question for you readers who are regular commenters and those who read and maybe don't comment. The article started out with this statement:

There's perhaps nothing quite so rewarding for the ego as getting a phonecall from a headhunter.

I'd like to believe this is true but often I find the reception to a recruiting call can range from indifferent to downright rude. Also people don't seem inclined to call you back if you leave a detailed message stating you are a recruiter looking to headhunt them.

So I ask you - do you feel a call from a headhunter is an ego boost or a waste of your time? What would you like to see in a voice mail from a headhunter that would make you return the call?

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