Toronto Bugger Blogger Bash

Details at Let It Bleed.

Date: Friday November 5th, 2004.
Place: The Bishop & The Belcher
Time: Unknown. I'm guessing 8 or 9.

The Bishop is at 361 Queen St W, south side, between Beverly and Soho. Note that Beverly and Soho are not on the south side of the street as both run north off of Queen only.

Means of ID: Wear a red poppy on your right shoulder. That way you'll look like an idiot. (I'm not kidding this is what is advised).

Landmark: Kathy Shaidle, the Militant Relapsed Catholic will be wearing a glowing Ronald Reagan T-Shirt.

Honoured Guests: Haroon Siddiqi & Antonia Zerbisias. (Just joking but both are most welcome).

Wish List Guest: Andrew Coyne

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