Let Jason Pay For Your Blogging Pleasure

Good ol' Jason. He's a smart guy and a nice guy, he runs the Recruiting.com blog and he wants to help YOU!

How? Well, anyone can start a blog using simple blogger sofware. It's free. But it costs money to get a site using the higher end Moveable Type blogging software. Jason, however, has it and he wants you to be able to use it for free.

He is inviting anyone who wants to write a blog about recruiting and HR matters to do it on his dime as part of a new blogging community he is creating at Recruiting.com.

Note that he is not inviting you to contribute to his blog. He wants you to create your own. No strings attached. Why? Well, he likes to interact with other recruiters. It stimulates his creative juices. And, I think he's a creative guy.

Find more info right here.

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