Now Wuzzin Thad A Pardee?

I went to the Toronto Blogger Bash on Friday. They didn't tell me it was in a strip club. When I came in there was a lady in the centre of the room groovin' to "Proud Mary" and there were a lot of tough guys sitting at the bar who didn't look like bloggers so I headed downstairs. And there they were. Sixteen bloggers and two fans.

So, who was there? Ambulance-chaser, Watch It Bleed, and girlfriend Hevver. He warned us that when you're interviewed on TV it's hard to know where to look.

The Relaxed Caflic. The American Spy In Paris. She disappeared from the blogosphere while she was on an mission against Mississauga.

Ghost For A Fee and his doppleganger, Testamerica. These guys looked exactly alike. The Ghost haunts houses for pay and The Test paid us a compliment on the mix of subject matter on this blog.

Wanda, a pre-blogger. The Meatriarchy (always talking about pork).

Brock Linehan, a funny tipsy guy. He went to the post-election party for Belinda Stronach and came out believing she's really a wind up doll. In person she sounds a lot like Arnold Schwartzenegger and she has this stock phrase - "We're just getting stahted". She greeted him with it when he came in and when he thanked her on the way out she said the exact same thing. Yah.

Damian 3.0, a super high energy babbler. Texas Toast, a football player. Staple Foods. He reminds me of that actor I can't remember.

Tiger Winters. A Korean-American / Nepalese golfer who studied Slavic languages at Princeton.

Mark Weisguy. Didn't speak to him, just said goodbye. Quotalicious, a bubbly technical writer. Re-Advice, a giant programmer who looks like John Kerry.

McGuiness Rye who has a passionate hatred of all the fruit-juice drinking, sandal-wearing, utopian, left-wing, New Age, hippie quacks in the world. He told me that, contrary to popular belief, Tibetans are big meat eaters though they sometimes eat lentils to please their airy-fairy supporters.

And, finally, class-traitor, David Artemiw, one of the first bloggers I ever read. He does a great imitation of his old comrade, Rosario Marchese doing his clown act during Question Period.

This was a great get-together for anyone who has trouble starting up a conversation, keeping it going, or ending it - because everyone here talks like crazy and all you have to do is listen.

PS: Next time we ought to invite Rosario. Or at least a few local bloggers who don't like Mark Steyn - but appreciate his humourous spirit.

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