Black Widow?

Check this out from the ER Exchange Blog of Shally Stekerl:

"So today I got a real buzz from exploring how Google and BlackWidow could be bosom buddies and aid in strip mining a specified target site.

First I put together a cute little syntax for Google that goes something like this ~member|~team|~people. It's nifty because it pulls in all mentions of team members, staff, and people who work on projects at IBM. Nice.

But wait, there's more!

You didn't really expect me to scan 5,520 links did you? I can't be bothered, haven't got the time, [pronounced in a thick, aristocratic British accent]. I took the resulting URL from the search and plugged it into my BlackWidow, then fixed the filters to eliminate anything on the Google or w3c domains. With the link penetration gear set to follow no more than 3 external links, the results were a veritable gold mine of CV's and project pages from people who work or associate with IBM Alamaden research labs"

This sounds like what was called "site flipping" a few years back wherein you came up with some magical set of words and phrases and out pops a bunch of names of potential candidates to source.

I never could get any good results from these type of searches but it sounds like Shally has.

But what is this Black Widow he is talking about? I would ask him but he appears to be gone on honeymoon.

Any body with any input?

(And I know I could probably look it up on Google but I don't feel like it right now. )

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