Counteroffers Are Evil: The Reasons Why

1. If you turn down a reasonable offer after working on it with a recruiter, the recruiter will hate you.

2. Anecdotal evidence says that most people regret accepting counteroffers.

3. If you accept an offer then go back on your word to your prospective employer, you'll get a bad rep in the trade.

4. You've lost your insider status in your old firm. No one will trust you as a solid member of the (mythical) team.

5. If you have to threaten to leave before your company treats you well, it's not a good company.

6. Nothing much will change. The counteroffer is just a stall to keep you in place until Mr Charlie can find a replacement.

Refuse the guilt and the sweet talk your employer tries to lay on you.
Decent and well-managed companies don't make counteroffers.

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