Personality Assessment Quiz

Merrill-Reid Social Styles

I think this analysis works.
Tho I don't know how useful it is.

According to Merrill and Reid there are 4 types of people.

You can determine anyone's type fairly easily and take it into
account when you communicate with him. So --

Each row below (A,B,C,D,E) contains four adjectives.
Each adjective describes a different one of the four types.

Therefore, if you rank the adjectives in each row as to how well each one describes you, you will find out which type is most like you.

Here's how you do it.

Assign a:
7 to the adjective that best describes you,
5 for the next closest adjective,
3 for the next,
1 for the least descriptive.

Each row should have a 7,5,3,1. No ties within rows are allowed.

A. Stubborn, Persuasive, Gentle, Humble
B. Competitive, Obliging, Playful, Obedient
C. Adventurous, Life of the Party, Moderate, Precise
D. Determined, Convincing, Good Natured, Cautious
E. Assertive, Optimistic, Lenient, Accurate

Now reorganize each graded "column" of adjectives above into rows, as below. (You can see it in chart form here.)

1. Stubborn, Competitive, Adventurous, Determined, Assertive
2. Persuasive, Obliging, Life of the Party, Convincing, Optimistic
3. Gentle, Playful, Moderate, Good natured, Lenient
4. Humble, Obedient, Precise, Cautious, Accurate

Each row contains all of the adjectives from above that are representative of the same type of person.

Add up the grades in each row. And the row with the highest number reflects your personality type.

Row 1: Sherman tanks: the bosses
Row 2: Socializers: always having happy hour.
Row 3: Mother hens: nurturing, stable
Row 4: Analyticals: cautious, careful, picky

Alternate Descriptions

Row 1 - DIRECTORS: Firm, forceful, confident, competitive, decisive, determined, impatient, risk-takers.

Row 2 - SOCIALIZERS: Outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic. Like to be in the center of things. Have lots of ideas. Love to talk, especially about themselves.

Row 3 - RELATERS: Genial team players. Prefer stability to risk. Care greatly about the feelings and needs of others. Likeable but timid.

Row 4 - THINKERS: Self-controlled and considerate. Prefer analysis to emotion. Love clarity and order. Stiff personality.

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