Headhunter...Recruiter...Resume Reader???

Caldwell Partners is a publicly traded headhunting firm here in Canada. They typically work at the highest level (CEO's and such).

Latest numbers for the big bodysnatching outfit are good:
- Second quarter operating revenue up 39%;
  net income up 19.5%
- Fourth successive quarter of improved operating results;
  first-half operating revenue up 34%
- Board declares quarterly cash dividend of $0.02 per share

Good for Caldwell but I don't think we are allowed to call them Headhunters or even Executive Search Consultants any more. Nope Caldwell proudly states in its press release that they are: Canada's first, largest, and only truly national human capital services firm,

Got it? Human Capital Services.

Doesn't really roll off the tongue like "headhunter" does it? Used to be that anything related to employment was given the term "manpower" until women's liberation forced a change in that admittedly sexist term. Then it became Human Resources. Now all of a sudden the mot-du-jour is "Human Capital"

So from now on I no longer wish to be called a "headhunter"
I am a "Human Capital Talent Scout"

Now I have to go update my business cards.

Source Canada News Wire

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