Grade A Meat

Meat Inspection
Brad Smart's TOPGRADING system ranks employees as
A's, B's and C's.

A' and B's are assets.
C's will kill your company.

The employee pool is a pyramid with A's on top.
Here's it's composition:
A's - 10%, B's - 25%, C's - 65%.

The definition of an A, B or C depends to some extent on the requirements of the job. Theoretically, a C-player in one job could be an A-player in another.

All, A-Players, however, (unlike most C's) are quick studies in any role. They also have a lot of integrity and a great track record. (But not every one is a team leader or long-term visionary).

What are "A" players looking for? They want:
1. a challenge and to have fun coming to work.
2. the resources and opportunity to make things happen.
3. an informal culture with little bureaucracy.
4. compensation that's tied to performance.

B-Players aren't Grade-A because they fall short in 2 or 3 areas.

Here's a problem. B-players hire losers B or C players. That's why, if you hire A-players, you can start a favorable chain reaction.

Here's some good news: some B's can be upgraded to A's through coaching and training. Others can become A's if their jobs are fine-tuned to suit them.

C's have to be moved to other jobs or fired. And since most can't cope with new or complex situations, their likely destination is dog food.

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Source: Fortune Small Business, via Derby Management site

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