SelectMinds Social Recruiting Tool

Peter Clayton interviews Annie Berkowitch, SelectMinds CEO.
Oracle just bought them.

Click here to hear it on YouTube.

It must have been hard to go through school with a name that contained the word "witch" in it. She might want to get rid of that T.

SelectMinds has its own video on YouTube. Unfortunately, it stinks. 

Here's what the SelectMinds website sez (edited):

Our starting premise: Good people know good people.

We developed the first alumni networks in the early 2000s.

These let large corporations source talent and new business through the online connections of current and former employees.

In 2010, SelectMinds launched TalentVine.

It uses the online social connections of current and former employees to generate referrals.

  In 2012, SelectMinds launched a new feature. It lets employers to handle all aspects of a social recruiting campaign through one dashboard.

A social recruiting campaign includes: 
(1) job posts on Facebook and Twitter, 
(2) talent community management 
(3) social referral programs.

Closing words: remember Jobster? Click pic to enlarge

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