Selling Your Personality

The Lessons of David Axelrod

- David Axelrod is Obama's campaign manager

- his campaigns don't focus on issues but on the candidate’s life
- he wants to portray the candidate as having a leader's personality

- a job hunter can do the same in an interview
- she should have clear ideas about how her job is done

- but she can also tell a story about her life and focus on moments
  in her history that define her as the person she wants to be

- while the image you project may be edited,
  to be convincing it has to be based in reality

- Axelrod's campaigns are upbeat
- they contain a message of idealism and optimism moderated by pragmatism

- he believes that the promise of the future, where you're going,
  trumps a focus on the past

- he also believes that a candidate should focus on strategic issues,
  not just the needs of the moment

- he fends off critics by stressing the flip side of Obama's alleged flaws.
- lack of a rigid ideological position is seen as independence
- a lack of combativenes becomes bipartisanship

Reference: New York Times.

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