Leaders Are Flexible

Reference: George Jonas.

It’s definitely not for nothing that Obama -- who, in theory, stands against everything Powell has stood for, from party affiliation to policy -- responded to the endorsement of Bush’s former secretary of state by saying that he was feeling honoured and humbled.

Presidential? Pragmatic? Practical? Unprincipled?

All of the above, I’d say. The first adjective sounds like a compliment; the last one certainly doesn’t. Yet they’re not incompatible and may even be complementary.

Jonas says that politics make strange bedfellows and that leaders have to be willing to praise and partner with whomever they must to get to their goals.

But is Powell as opposed to Obama's positions as Jonas suggests? He was a dove in the Bush Administration. He is cautious about going to war and sees Iraq as an mistake.

Everyone also respects his commitment to his country and his personal character even if they do not agree with all of his political positions.

So there is reason to be impressed when a man like that crosses party lines to endorse you.

So, to prove a point, Jonas has exaggerated their opposition.

Recruiter, Toronto, Canada

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