SelectMinds Social Recruiting Tool

Peter Clayton interviews Annie Berkowitch, SelectMinds CEO.
Oracle just bought them.

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It must have been hard to go through school with a name that contained the word "witch" in it. She might want to get rid of that T.

SelectMinds has its own video on YouTube. Unfortunately, it stinks. 

Here's what the SelectMinds website sez (edited):

Our starting premise: Good people know good people.

We developed the first alumni networks in the early 2000s.

These let large corporations source talent and new business through the online connections of current and former employees.

In 2010, SelectMinds launched TalentVine.

It uses the online social connections of current and former employees to generate referrals.

  In 2012, SelectMinds launched a new feature. It lets employers to handle all aspects of a social recruiting campaign through one dashboard.

A social recruiting campaign includes: 
(1) job posts on Facebook and Twitter, 
(2) talent community management 
(3) social referral programs.

Closing words: remember Jobster? Click pic to enlarge

The Magic Formula

From The Globe and Mail (edited)

The formula that Steve Jobs bet on in 2007 – refine and reimagine an existing product and then market it as a breakthrough – has transformed the company from niche player to a leader in consumer electronics and media.

Interview Questions For Culture

From: Culture Fanatics (edited)

The question I always start with: 

“Without using the words ‘culture’ or ‘people’ tell me why you want to work here”?

I want an in-depth answer as to what attracted them to us.

Then I tell the candidate our 5 core values.

I ask them to tell me the one they relate to the most and a time that it was compromised.

Another favorite question: 

“Tell me about a time that you helped someone although you didn’t necessarily think they deserved it”.

My Comment: Anyone who is looking for a job primarily because she needs a job is going to have to lie at these interviews.

Hiring Errors Wreck Company

@NichCarlson reports that Yahoo is suffering because it doesn't hire talented people.

Yahoo's B-players hire C-players who aren't fired up to go to work.

So, as soon as Melissa Mayer took over she fired the HR boss. And, now, she's personally reviewing every hire.

Yahoo's bonus package also stinks.

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Recruiters Are Not Transparent

I’ll often see a recruiter online bragging about how transparent she is with candidates.

So, I’ll ask her, “If the hiring manager rejected a candidate because he didn’t like her voice, would you tell her that?

"Imagine he said, ‘She’s very intelligent but if I had to listen to that all day, I’d shoot myself.’ Would you pass that on?”

Of course, the answer is always “No.”

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Fresh Grad Job Hunter

A fresh grad job hunter got some powerful coaching on The Recruiting Animal Show.

Leading the way was Recruiter / Career Coach
Peggy McKee

Find the recording here
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A Question for The Hiring Manager

Based on: Arnie Fertig

Interviewer: "Do you have any questions for me?"

Don't ask:
How did I do?
Will I be invited back for another interview?
What happens next?
When do you expect to make a decision?
When do I start?
How much will you pay me?
What are the benefits?
How much vacation?

Spend the time selling yourself. Say:

Let's assume that I've been working for you for a year -- and you have just given me a great performance review. 

What would I have accomplished to earn that kind of review?

When you know what's important you know if you have any strengths that wd help reach these goals and you can mention them.

If you don't, don't pretend you do.